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    • TheNovaCoreMC

      Buycraft Updates: Summer Sale get 10%-50% OFF!   03/28/2018

      Greetings Crafters,
      Price dropped 10%-50% OFF !
        Buycraft Updates: Drop Price! Permanent Ranks Monthly Ranks Legendary Armors Legendary Axe & Sword Guns and Grenades
        Shop: http://mcpinoyzone.buycraft.net/

      Novacore - Owner
    • TheNovaCoreMC

      Server Important Announcements   04/02/2018

      Greetings Crafters,
        IMPORTANT NEWS AND UPDATE !   Our server PinoyZone is already out of budget to pay the hosting, at the moment we are going to close the server April 04, 2018. You are free to help and support the server by donating and purchasing ranks even though the server is offline once we back online we will apply your ranks as permanent to those who donate to help the server running. Once we are back again expect for more updates and features in the server and more maps to come!
        "To players who already bought some ranks in game or via online purchase don't you worry. Ranks, items, money and everything is saved and safe nothing will lost and server will not reset."
        Help us to keep our server running.
      Shop: http://mcpinoyzone.buycraft.net/     Regards,
      Novacore - Owner

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